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It is the year 1993. Chip McCallahan has been in the Bit Busters for four years. One day, Melinda and Dezmond, the vice-president of the Bit Busters, are hanging out in the park when Melinda realizes that she left her day planner in the clubhouse. They go back to enter the clubhouse and find a note. The note says:

We need to cut your fundings.

Knowing that they would not be able to continue without the funding, Melinda went home that day, depressed. Dezmond sets to planning immediately.

The next day at the clubhouse, Melinda announces that they will need to close unless they can come up with a plan to earn some money. Hearing this, Chip immediately stops what he is doing and heads to Melinda's office. Melinda and Dezmond are talking when Chip enters. Eyeing Dezmond, Chip tells Melinda that they should arrange a Rummage Sale to raise the money. They talk it over, and Chip gets to run it! Chip immediately starts advertising.

The next day, Anthony Quasar calls Melinda and tells her that Quasar Industries will restart the funding. Melinda is surprised, but happy. She calls Chip and tells him that the Rummage Sale has no need and that Quasar Industries is going to restart the funding. Melinda also calls Chip to her office. Flustered, Chip makes his way to Melinda's office. When he gets there, Melinda is in an argument with Dezmond. She sends him out, and invites Chip in.

Melinda begins to explain that Quasar Industries has contracted a virus in their mainframe and that Chip needs to get rid of the virus. However, The Virus is able to adapt. If Chip simply removes The Virus, it will transform itself into a common-cold type disease that could kill Chip.

Chip knows that he is one of the most skilled, and probably the best prepared for the job of hacking the code of The Virus and altering it so that he can remove it. He accepts the task. Melinda gives Chip a floppy disk with Quasar Industries' mainframe access codes and goes back to his computer station. He loads the information and his computer does not work for a minute. After a while, his computer turns on, and a face appears on the screen. A hand reaches out of the monitor, and pulls Chip in.


Chip awakes in a dark room. At first, he does not quite know where he is, but then the memory comes flooding back to him. A voice fills the room, but he sees no speaker. The voice shakes the room as it rumbles. "Hello, Chip McCallahan." Chip's eyes start to adjust. He still sees no one. "Welcome to your computer. It will take you a long time to find me. I have hacked into the Bit Busters' mainframe too. I have accessed The Challenge, and have assembled my own variation of it. I will be waiting at the end."

The lights turn on and Chip starts making his way to the end.


Chip reaches the end, and The Virus is there. "You've come so far. It's a shame that you cannot touch me."

Chip runs forward, and reaches out to The Virus. At that moment, The Virus teleports Chip out of the computer. He appears in Melinda's office. Melinda is sitting with her head down. Chip coughs a little, and Melinda looks up. "Chip! Where have you been!?"
"Trying to defeat the Virus!"
"You've been missing for the past three months! In that time, The Virus has completely taken over, and we've been too afraid to do anything that might mess you up!"
"The Virus is still out there, and I'm trying to find a way to weaken it. I need to get back out there to hack it."
"Okay. Be careful, Chip."
Chip walks to his station again, and Melinda follows. Chip began starting to hack again and the virus pulled him back in. Melinda gasps.


Chip finds himself in a dark room again. The lights turn on and Chip sees that there are monsters everywhere! Without a second thought, Chip evades them and finds himself in his computer once more.


The Virus ushers Chip into the next level of his game. Chip goes willingly, knowing that it will help Melinda. Partway through, Chip meets The Virus again. The Virus is surprised, “You’re quite impressive, Chip, but I doubt you know much about how to protect the one you love.”

“What do you mean!?”

“You are in love with Melinda, aren’t you?”

“So what if I am?”

“Dezmond is too. He isn’t safe to be around.”

“Why not?”

“Well, he created me, after all.”


“I was created by Dezmond. And now I need to kill him.”

The Virus runs off. Chip decides that, however much he loathes Dezmond, he wants Melinda to be happy. Chip decides to go warn Dezmond. As fast as he can, Chip runs to the edge of his computer and jumps out. He looks around to try to find Dezmond. He runs to Melinda’s office, and sees Dezmond.


Just then, black smoke started accumulating around Melinda’s computer. The smoke slowly worked its way towards Dezmond. Chip could only watch horrified as it pushed Dezmond into a corner. Suddenly, sparks started flying everywhere. The viral smoke curled around Dezmond’s arms, never seeming to touch him. Dezmond let out a last scream as the black smoke swam through the air and into his mouth and nostrils.

A strange aura glowed around his head for a minute as the final heartbeats pumped the last drops of blood through Dezmond’s already frozen veins. The rest of the black smoke absorbed into Dezmond’s pores. Dezmond glowed for a minute before looking up.

Melinda burst in, and saw The Virus as Dezmond. The Virus as Dezmond points at Melinda, and zaps her into the computer.

When The Virus as Dezmond spoke, it was with both of their voices, “You will never end up with Melinda, Chip. Never.”


Chip tries to get back into the network to save Melinda, but finds that he cannot. Desperately, he tries everything, but fails on every try. Chip even tries building a program, but the computer locks up. With sparks still flying everywhere, Chip runs to his computer and tries to enter from there.

Chip finally gets back into the computer system, but starts noticing strange things. He soon realizes that he is in a different section of his computer. Chip tries to find his way back to where he last left the computer, and finds that there is a bunch of odd things in this eLimbo. Chip goes through some familiar trials set up in new ways, but knows that he will get out of the abnormality of blocks disappearing in no time; he knew he had to save Melinda.

As Chip enters the computer, he starts to remember things from his past. He remembers when he first met Melinda in Freshman Physics. Chip spent some time with Melinda, and it was not always awkward. He was able to talk to Melinda a few times about astronomy and astrophysics. He remembers completing The Challenge, and getting into the Bit Busters. Melinda herself handed him the key.

Then when it came time to pick a new vice-president of the Bit Busters, Melinda chose Dezmond. Chip was overqualified for that job. Dezmond not only met the standards but also was dating Melinda. Seeing Melinda and Dezmond together pained Chip, but Melinda seemed happy. Dezmond was always smug when he saw Chip because he knew what was going on, but did not feel it necessary to tell Melinda. This made Chip even angrier.

Snapping out of it, Chip rushed through the puzzles to find Melinda. He focuses on the arduous road ahead of him, and finds his way out of eLIMBO. He vows that he will destroy The Virus forever.


After much difficulty getting back into the computer network, Chip finds himself spiraling back to the next labyrinth.

As Chip lands, he hears Melinda’s voice echoing in the distance. “Help!” Dead set, Chip determines to save Melinda, at any cost.

After several struggles, Chip arrives at a cottage. He realized how strange it is to have a cottage in a computer, but nonetheless, he goes into it. Inside, The Virus is sipping a cup of tea. Chip blinks, but there he is. The Virus looks up. “Hello, Chip.”

Cautiously, Chip responds, “Where’s Melinda?”

“Don’t worry, she’s safe. A real doll. She was not frightened at all. Just… curious. You humans are so odd.”

“Release her. She has nothing to do with this. It’s just you and me.”

“She has everything to do with this. However odd this might seem, I think I’m in love…”

“You can never be together.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. We can be together. She still loves the visage of Dezmond. The visage that I have acquired.”

“That’s a lie!”

“Man, you are in love.”

There was a silence. Then The Virus spoke again.

“I’m here because I now know that I can’t kill you. She is too fond of you to let you die.”

“Then what to you intend to do to me?”

“I still want to kill you. However, for her sake, I shall give you some information.”

The Virus gives Chip some information on the levels that he is about to face. When he’s done, he fades into thin air along with the cottage.


Dezmond was an illegitimate birth and never knew his father. He joined the Bit Busters in 1988, and soon fell in love with Melinda. In 1989, he met Chip McCallahan and soon realized that Chip too was in love with Melinda. Dezmond acted quickly, and by 1990, he was the Vice President of the Bit Busters. Dezmond started dating Melinda in 1991. Dezmond and Melinda dated for a couple of years, but then Quasar Industries threatened to close down the Bit Busters.

Knowing that if this was to happen he and Melinda could never be together, Dezmond soon set a plan to win Quasar’s money back. This plan consisted of making a virus. However, he made the virus too powerful. The Virus took over Dezmond’s body half a year later.


Chip suddenly sees something in the future. Melinda is safe. Chip remembers reality and a lone tear carves a pathway down his cheek. He runs forward, desperate to defeat The Virus and save Melinda the Mental Marvel.

Chip encounters The Virus several times, but The Virus flees. One of the times they meet and The Virus sends a horde of monsters after Chip. Chip escapes, and soon comes to the Sonic Gates, the barrier between the computer and the speakers. Chip and The Virus battle once more, but The Virus tricks and captures him.

The Virus brings Chip to an enormous palace, and throws him into the dungeons. Chip escapes and makes his way to the tower, hiding from the guards. He ascends The Dark Tower and finds himself in a ballroom. He finds his way to the other side, and into the throne room. The Virus is just sitting there.

Melinda is in a cage on the other side of the room. She sees Chip and gives a start. The Virus turns. He ushers his allies in and begins to attack Chip. Chip dodges all around until finally he manages to pull out a thumb drive and point it at The Virus. The Virus is sucked into the thumb drive; into oblivion.

All of the enemies are gone; either dead or fled. Chip releases Melinda from her cage and they exit the computer. Melinda tells the rest of the Bit Busters and Quasar Industries what happened and Anthony Quasar steps forward to thank Chip personally. Melinda makes Chip the vice-president of the Bit Busters. Chip is in heaven.


Quasar Industries is a company that not much is known about. They fund the Bit Busters and the CEO of Quasar Industries is Anthony Quasar. He was also a founder. Quasar Industries controls a considerable portion of the world's economy. They trade stocks, but they seem to have the ability to trade at the exact right moment.

Not much is known about Anthony Quasar, aside from the fact that he had a wife, Sarah, who died in a car crash with their son, Jason. Since then, Anthony has become very disconnected from life, not taking care for his daughter, April. He puts all of his time into his company.


At the graduation party, Chip remembers the past and the time he saved Melinda from Dezmond's virus.


After graduating, Chip was forced to move to Minnesota and take up a well-paying job. He was hired by Quasar to lead the I.T. department in the Minnesota division. Chip was new to the office, and he had no real friends. He had to figure out who he could trust and how the company went about their business.


On a vacation from Quasar Industries, Chip visits an abbey where he must confront the supernatural.


Chip returns to his office and there’s a note on his desk. It reads: “Chip— The Flash Drive is missing. The Virus might return. —Mel.”

Chip tries to ignore the letter, but everything around him seems to be caving in around him.

Chip comes to work the next day and there is a message flashing on all of the company’s screens.

Once Chip manages to remove the message so that the company can continue its work, he finds a second message meant for just him: “I am Quasar. I am this company. I am Dezmond. Precious Melinda is dead.”

Chip goes to the basement to break the company’s power circuits and wipe all of the data in an attempt to frazzle The Virus.

Chip goes to Anthony Quasar’s office to defeat The Virus once and for all. The walls have been stripped bare and clawed at with fingernails. Chip opens the door and steps inside. Anthony Quasar is standing in the center of the room, back turned to Chip. Chip shouts out to him, “Anthony! I know you’re in there!”

The Virus turns to face Chip. “Ah, Chip. So you’re here. You’ve fallen into my trap. See, I never needed Anthony Quasar. I only needed you.” Anthony Quasar’s body falls to the ground in a crumpled heap as The Virus flees through his mouth and nostrils.

The Virus flies towards Chip and enters him. Chip lets out a wail of agony and everything turns to black.

Chip awakens in a cell with a massive headache. He must find a way out and then through the puzzles created by The Virus, vowing that the next time they meet, Chip will finally win.


Finally out of his cell, Chip realizes that the Virus is nowhere to be found. He plans to set out on a journey by zeppelin to find his oldest surviving foe. But first, he must collect some Odds & Ends.

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