Task Savvy Road Map
April 28, 2002
This project serves both as a sample project, and as documentation for Task Savvy itself.
The on-going development of Task Savvy is divided into several phases: tasks to be done during the beta phase, prior to introduction of the shareware program (v1.0 Release); near term feature enhancements that will be offered as an upgrade to registered users of the shareware version (v1.x); and major feature additions, some of which will be offered to registered shareware customers as upgrades, while others will be sold separately.




Registry Ric 16.00 Future Feature
New User Interface Ric Future Feature
Multi-Project Support Ric 40.00 Future Feature
Clip Board Support Ric 20.00 Future Feature
Formatted Text Ric Future Feature
Filters Ric Future Feature
Project Sync Ric Future Feature
Accounting Ric Future Feature
Web Builder Ric Future Feature
Scheduler Ric Future Feature
Palm/OS Port Ric Whole New Product





Registry Ric 16.00 
Future Feature
  1. Keep track of recently opened project files (in the File menu).
  2. Keep track of whether to pester the user about registering: create the pester flag and set it to 'always' if the pester flag doesn't already exist; set it to monthly or disabled, based on a checkbox in the pester dialog box.
New User Interface Ric

Future Feature
  1. Remove the tab control altogether, and put a big text block in its place that shows the project and/or task that is selected, including log entries.
  2. Implement a Properties button to bring up a project or task properties editor.
  3. Implement a New Task button for adding new tasks to the project.
  4. Implement a Log button to bring up a log editor.
Multi-Project Support Ric 40.00 
Future Feature Enhance the task list tree-view to support multiple project files.

Note: Task Savvy can open more than one project file at a time, but presently only one is displayed at a time. The Project menu may be used to select which project to show in the task list, when more than one is open.
Clip Board Support Ric 20.00 
Future Feature Copy a project, task, or log entry to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into other projects, or its properties can be pasted into other applications as text blocks.

Note: Although Task Savvy can cut and paste tasks within a project or between projects, it does not presently use the clip board for this. Cutting and pasting text in the control fields of the Project, Task, and Log panes does use the clip board, but the easiest way to get information from Task Savvy into another application is to generate a text or HTML report, and then open the report file with another application such as Word.
Formatted Text Ric

Future Feature Use embedded escape codes to specify bold, italics, fixed space, strikeout and the like, in project description and notes, task description, and log entries.

Note: HTML savvy users may embed HTML tags within text fields to select simple text formats. That is how italics were specified for 'Note' in this paragraph, for example. Be aware, though, that HTML tags entered in this way are not stripped from text reports. Also, you must be careful to include the appropriate end tag for any openning tag that you use.
Filters Ric

Future Feature
  1. Restrict the display of tasks and log entries to those which match the specified task name, who, and/or date range.
  2. Restrict reports to tasks and log entries which match the specified task name, who, and/or date range.
Project Sync Ric

Future Feature Compare the active project to a .ts file, list the differences, and for each difference allow either replacement of the active project entry, addition to the active project, or ignore the difference. This will be very useful in cases where project team members work remotely.

Note: You can prevent two copies of a project file from diverging from one another by locking one or both of them. Before taking a copy off site to work on it, check the Lock check box in the Project properties pane, and then save the file. This will avoid inadvertent changes from being made, but it is NOT a security measure—anyone can unlock the file at any time by simply unchecking the Lock check box.
Accounting Ric

Future Feature
  1. Add a new tab and project file record type for accounting information such as billing information and hourly rates. There should be a default rate, and list of tasks with special rates.
  2. Add an optional 'invoice' section to the project statement report format.
  3. Keep track of which log entries have been invoiced, and provide a way to override the flag.
Web Builder Ric

Future Feature
  1. Implement a user interface for constructing a web site.
  2. Specify the format and contents of the top-level home page, with text intermingled with links to selected projects' reports and external links.
  3. Add an optional staff priorities report, listing the specific tasks from across multiple projects that are considered to be priority items, and link to it from the home page.
  4. Keep sites' descriptions in a new file type, so web sites can be easily updated throughout the course of the projects.
Scheduler Ric

Future Feature
  1. Add featues to correlate estimated time to a real-time calendar.
  2. Deterine average loading, based on estimated effort, start date, and end date.
  3. Determine end date, based on start date, estimated effort, and average time per day.
Palm/OS Port Ric

Whole New Product Port Task Savvy to the Palm Pilot, and write a conduit for synchronizing with the PC version.

Total Estimated Hours: 76.00 (Not all tasks estimated)

Task Savvy project file: C:\RIC\TaskSavvy\doc\TaskSavvyRoadMap.ts