Task Savvy Release Notes
October 6, 2002
List of known problems in prior and current versions of Task Savvy.
This file serves both as an example of using Task Savvy for problem reports, and to document the status of specific problems with Task Savvy itself.

Date Task Who Log Entry
2000.09.28 Lost Docs Ric Changed help file path code to use the Windows _pgmptr variable to obtain the path to the Task Savvy executable (and hence help files).
2000.11.10 Logged time doesn't update Ric Now refreshes the Task Tab after adding a log entry, so the logged time is updated.
2000.11.18 Parenthesis Corrupts File Ric Added code to skip through quoted text when parsing object parameter strings from the project file, so delimiters embedded within strings are ignored.
2001.02.04 Tasks added out of order Ric Tried several times to reproduce this, with no success. Then when I tried to enter this problem report in the release notes project, it did occur, so I could track it down to a problem with the [New] button.
2002.02.03 Report name after SaveAs Ric Changed File/SaveAs to clear the report file name, thereby causing it to be reconstructed next time a report is emitted.
2002.02.03 Tasks added out of order Ric Restored commented out code in TaskSavvyWin::vAddTask() that retrieved the selected task from the task list, instead of simply using the locally remembered task select. Reason is that the local task select was set to NULL to prevent the [Apply] button from being enabled when adding a task; that's why the new task got added to the top of the list.
2002.02.03 Changes lost or misapplied Ric Added code to check for this case and warn the user before proceeding in each of File/New, File/Open, and File/Close. User may choose to abandon changes and move on, or stay put with changes intact.
2002.02.04 Auto Backup Ric Write Project method for saving the backup file. Split file save method so actual file emitter can use project file stream or backup file stream.
2002.02.06 Auto Backup Ric Call auto backup function right before doing any [Add] or [Apply], in case things go awry.
2002.02.09 Report/Statement Format Ric Added code to strip off file extension when browsing for new report or statement file (so Filter string will control file type). Dropped support for .htm and forced .html for all HTML files (because Windows(tm) made it too difficult to support both).

Fixed a bug when writing certain statements if there was a task with no description.
2002.02.09 Auto Backup Ric Added "Task Savvy Backups" (*.bak) to the file open file types list.
2002.02.09 Formatted Text Reports Ric Added a new function to emit paragraphs according to the selected format (list, bullets, prose), and a utility function to create a roman numeral string. Modified the text report file generators to use these instead of just dumping the string into the text file.
2002.02.23 Report/Statement Format Ric Moved the report and statement format data structure into the project class, so each project can have its own report properties.

Changed the prefix for report and statement file names from ts-pr_ and ts-ps_, to tsr_ and tss_, respectively.
2002.02.23 Auto Backup Ric Added code to remove the auto backup file when the original file is closed, or SavedAs. Found and fixed some [Add] and [Apply] changes that were not setting the modified flag.
2002.02.24 Report/Statement Format Ric More testing and debugging.
2002.02.24 Auto Backup Ric Found and fixed some cases which failed to save the backup file.
2002.04.27 Report/Statement Format Ric Added code to save report settings in the *.ts file and restore them when reopened.
2002.04.28 Report/Statement Format Ric Finished ReportFormat field of *.ts file writer and reader. Changed Project/Refresh menu item to show the file name rather than the title.
2002.09.14 Double Quote corrupts file Ric Problem discovered.
2002.09.14 Report name after SaveAs Ric This had been fixed in v1.1, but was reintroduced in v1.2.
2002.09.14 Report/Statement Type Ric This had been fixed in v1.1, but was reintroduced in v1.2.

Task Savvy project file: C:\RIC\TaskSavvy\doc\TaskSavvyRelNotes.ts